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   Blair Tefkin writes “artful pop suffused with a darkly comic outlook”; mordant, wistful and wry. Her musical sensibility runs the gamut from alternative to cabaret and everything in between.

   After signing a publishing deal with PolyGram-Universal Music,  Blair played bass and sang major dates across the U.S. on the Lilith Fair tour with former band, Lucie Gamelon. Their EP, Everything Is Nice, was described by Puncture Magazine as: “Short on material, long on substance and leaves the craving sensation that smacks of sugar and sex.”  She released her first solo CD, Shocked and Devastated in 2001. 

  Blair's one woman show, In the Land of the Giants, won glowing reviews during its run at the 2nd Stage.  The L.A. Weekly called it “Painfully funny. A remarkably enjoyable evening of tuneful self-deprecation.”  The Los Angeles Times wrote:  "Hilarious tales of minor celebrity and humiliation.  Deceptively breezy.  Witty.”   

​​  A new record, I Like It When You’re Down is coming October 2021 and her upcoming show, Death Is Always on the Way  is set to open in 2022.

  In addition to performing her own material, Blair writes songs for film and television.  A number of her works have appeared on soundtracks including Glen Ballard's Clubland, The King Is Alive and The Anniversary Party in which she also appears, singing her song, "If Your Love Is True".  


  As an actress, Blair is probably best known for her role as Robin Maxwell on the sci-fi classic “V” and as Chris Elliot's fly-by-night girlfriend, Charlene, in the iconic sitcom Get A Life. Other film appearances include Greenberg, Dream Lover,  SFW,  Inside Monkey Zetterland, Fright Night Part 2, Three For The Road and Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

  Blair was a longtime member of L.A.'s The Groundlings' Sunday Company and starred in their hit production, Just Like the Pom Pom Girls, for which she won L.A. Weekly and Dramalogue awards her comedic turn as Baby Bump. The play was later turned into the film, A Sinful Life, in which she also starred.


Photo by Solomon Emquis